Our Product

Essex Furukawa offers a High Voltage Winding Wire (HVWW®) product designed for use in the automotive industry. Our technology benefits customers demanding lighter weights and thinner wires in electric motors.

Exceeding Expectations

High voltage creates high heat. In the electric vehicle industry, heat resistance, flexibility and repeated stress are ongoing obstacles to magnet wire performance. Our engineers accepted the challenge to perfect every design element for an exceptional product.

High Performance

Unique in the European automotive market, paving the way for further electric vehicle innovation.

High Quality

Meets tight market tolerances with no room for imperfections.

Customizable Design

Meets virtually any motor requirement.


The malleable rectangular shape fills any gaps, leading to higher power and torque.

Outstanding Electrical Performance

Allows for high voltages of over 1000V and partial discharge free wire (PDIV).

Efficient Design

HVWW® is coated with extruded engineering plastic for the improved performance of EV and other products.

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